Advertising Technology Manager at Trinity Mirror, Blogger & Founder of CalMac Studios, Former Journalist and Senior Repairs and Support Specialist.

Innovative, creative, Digital Marketing, Advertising and Technical Professional focused on the development and execution of strategic online marketing plans and implementing successful digital campaigns for industry leaders. Talented designer and administrator with experience running successful online promotions that increase revenues exponentially. Known for providing solutions that foster growth and increase productivity while successfully managing numerous projects at once, delivering on time and under budget while exceeding expectations.


My Experience in

Digital Advertising

Repairs and Technical Support



From a very early age, I quickly developed an interest in computers and the myriad of possibilities and opportunities that they afford. Not content with playing music and games, I taught myself how to build and repair computers. Realising the possibilities created by the immense social interaction of the internet, I then focused my attention on learning how to design and construct websites. The creative aspects of computer technology held an obvious appeal for me. As a consequence, when many of my friends left school to work, I chose to extend my education to study for a diploma in Media, games and animation. I was greatly heartened by tutor’s early comments when they stated that my work in the first assignment was “…of a professional standard…and would not be out of place on a commercial product. Although the project only lists pass criteria you have clearly exceeded the requirement and we will look into awarding higher grades if permitted”.



For several years, I have helped to run and maintain a gaming website, having sole responsibility for the design and security of that website. I frequently provide help and support for not only members of “The league of legends” but other gaming sites and individuals. Much of this advice and support is on technical matters but a significant amount is for social problems where people require impartial and friendly help. I am gregarious by nature, self motivated and enjoy helping people. Recently when friends were upset on hearing of Michael Jacksons death, I created the website “The popking.com” so they could post their respects. I have also sought to console and help a number of friends who have suffered bereavements. Fortunately, most social interactions are far more mundane or happier events.


Besides owning and running several websites, I spent five years as a Young Star Reporter. This involved meeting and interviewing local people, dignitaries and celebrities. I had a number of articles published and subsequently spent my work related experience with Trinity Mirror NW2 preparing articles and stories for publication. Lorna Hughes the senior reporter commented “Callum has worked hard and completed all the tasks set for him… Everyone on the team has enjoyed having him with us.”


I have completed a Duke of Edinburgh’s Young Citizen’s Certificate and received a bronze Duke of Edinburgh award. I have also received Young people’s award certificates from Sefton Youth services for Self Development and for Involvement in the Community. Merseyside police have also presented me with a Certificate of Recognition.


I was pleased to receive a personal letter from Mr. Reed (our head master at Deyes High school) in response to a newspaper article where he congratulated me on my “Entrepreneurial venture, managing my website.”Stating “…You clearly have a real talent”. It was also nice to recently be asked back to my old school to present a talk to year ten pupils on the transition from school to college.


I take great pride in producing work to a high standard and enjoy the practical application of knowledge whilst remaining undaunted by the theoretical studies involved. My willingness to research and extend my knowledge of such varied areas of computer technology is indicative of my desire to succeed in my chosen field of study. I have also benefited from the subjects which have been integrated into my diploma course which include mathematics, English, photography and Art. Further, the historical background of computer and animation technology whilst being fascinating topics by themselves, have also reinforced my view that it is desirable to have a broad base of knowledge to create perspective in any project.