Digital Advertising

Need to focus on building your audience? Allow me to worry about revenue generation for you.

Got a one-time job? Let’s discuss it.

Seeking to build out an ad ops team? I will help you hire and train newbies.

Do you already have your own team? I’ll come in and do an audit of your procedures and practices and help you optimise for revenue and savings.


Do you need to increase your Increase brand awareness? Through effective marketing campaigns your brand can become a house name.

Are you Seeking to build customer loyalty? I can help you develop new and innovative approaches to rewarding your customers.

Got a one-time job? Let’s discuss it.

Do you need help Launching an effective digital advertising campaign? I can help you design, plan and implement any kind of campaign from social to essential.

Repairs and Technical Support

Do you have a Virus that needs removing? I can remove your virus, ransomware or cryptoware.

Is your computer running slow? I can help you by removing unwanted programs, recover space and optimise your computers start-up.

Do you have a problem with your mobile device? I’ll take a look and have it up and running in no time at all, from simple data transfer and email set-up to advanced corporate configuration.

Got a one-time job? Let’s discuss it.