Sound for Games

An extension of this emotive building block in games is the music and audio soundtrack. Music has a profound effect on human emotional response, indeed many can catalogue the various highlights and trauma of their life through song or music tracks. Music used in many games is often incidental rather than containing themes for various […]

Understand Software Technologies

The vast majority of computers utilise Graphical API (Application Programming interface), API’s assist programmers in the creation of applications. API employ various preset data structures, libraries, routes & operating system services to assist in the creation of applications, an example of a graphical API is DirectX. DirectX created by Microsoft Corp. in 1995 was Microsoft’s […]

Demographic – Examples

Example 1 – Mario Lanza Be My Love An example of this is an album by Mario Lanza called be my love which was my nans favourite song. It can be argued that the main demographic for this recording would belong to socio economic group A (upper class and upper-middle class) within the 5-7 age group […]

Digital Graphics Technology

The field of digital graphics has undergone rapid advances in recent years. Indeed the technological advances are such that the terminology used to describe the constantly changing formats and specifications could fill a small dictionary. It is helpful in marketing digital products to have a resource which simplifies this terminology and makes file extensions and […]

Rocket Lawyer

Rocket Lawyer was founded in 2008 by Charley Moore who was an experienced law attorney. Initial start-up equity came from Moore and LexisNexis. In contrast to Shake, Rocket Lawyer is based on legal rather than technological expertise. LexisNexis provides academic legal resources amongst its content-enabled global business activities; its stake in Rocket Lawyer suggests a […]

Shake Digital App

Shake is a Digital Application that affords users the opportunity to create and edit legally binding contracts from pre-existing templates. Shake has prospered in a highly competitive digital market by recognising the opportunity that exists in simplifying legal contracts. Shake makes the law accessible, affordable and understandable for everyone (Geiger A. 2013). Shake has recently […]

The Marketing Mix 4P’s

The Marketing Mix (TMM) is a business tool utilised by marketers. TMM is critical to determining a company’s offering and is often associated with the 4P’s; price, product, promotion, and place. TMM is a conglomerate model originally compiled by academics and simplified by Professor E. Jerome McCathy (1960); he described the marketer’s usage of the […]