Google Uptime: a more interactive emoji powerd YouTube

The website entertained millions has launched media professions and changed the way we look at video although until now watching it’s been a passive experience. However, a new program from Google might just change that…

Since Google acquired YouTube all the way back in 2006, the site has gone to one of the players in the current media industry from a minor novelty.

But the user experience has remained the same. Yes, we are invited to enjoy and subscribe, and to discuss our favorite videos on social media — but if it comes down to it, really watching a YouTube video is generally a solitary experience.


Uptime intends to change all that. It is a new program developed by Google’s ‘Area 120’ startup incubator — an internal group devoted to creative new ideas — and it intends to turn YouTube viewing to an enjoyable and social group activity.

Basically, Uptime is a program that lets you share YouTube videos directly into a group chat with your friends and loved ones. From that point, you’re ready to see the video while incorporating comments and animated responses to what you are seeing.

The video below, presented with a cavalcade of Googlers, gives you an idea of what the program can do, along with its look and feel:


At this time, it’s tough to say. The question is if the program actually sees the light of day!

You see, Uptime is presently invite-only — and even then, it is only available to users in america. It is by no means guaranteed while we expect Google do launch the program for all users: for doing this with no way they lack a clear motivation.

Having said that, as a means of involvement with YouTube, it is a excellent idea. Group chats in programs like WhatsApp and BlackBerry Messenger are a big deal, especially for younger consumers — the very users that constitute YouTube’s most visible (and marketable) constituency.

The challenge will be convincing those savvy users that they need another networking app!


As previously mentioned, it is currently pretty tough to get your hands on Uptime. The program is invite-only, and the program is only available in North America for now, while a number of codes have been released. It’s only available for iOS apparatus.

If Google do decide to go with the program having said that, it’s simply a matter of time before it rolls out. For now, if you are eager to give it a whirl, we would recommend following the Uptime team’s official Twitter account over at @uptimeApp.