Apps that could save your life

And though we all know just how much of a lifesaver our smartphones can be when stuck in a long queue or on boring bus rides — what about in emergencies?

So, with this in mind, we went on a mission to find some of the greatest apps around that might just save your life if you ever (fingers crossed) need them… It might seem somewhat strange that we have written an article all about smartphone programs that we really don’t would like you to use. However, as we never know what is round the corner in this business planning for the worst and hoping for the best is a pretty good motto to live by.


iOS/Android – Free

Developed by the US-based Pacific Disaster Center — that is certainly no stranger hit by everything from hurricanes to earthquakes — this app provides an interactive listing of disasters and active . The program provides a link and gives an alert. You can search by location. You are concerned about handy if you’ve friends/family in different areas of the world.


Android/Windows Phone – Free

Never leave home without one. This fiendishly app means you can have lots of the tools from an Army Knife downloaded to your smartphone, so you should have the ability to get yourself out there, should you end up in a situation. The app is quick, lightweight and simple to use — and has a compass, flashlight, magnifying mirror and glass — among other essentials. The program is also half the size of several ‘standalone’ tools, which will save you plenty of space. No frills, no extras the essentials that are huge.


iOS/Android – Free

In case you’ve got a medical illness, such as asthma or diabetes, or a serious allergy, it is very important to be certain that you have a medical identification card. In case youneed care and’re unwell, but can’t reply, using a copy on your smartphone signifies emergency services will have. Downloading this app lets you store all of your crucial data in 1 location, e.g. emergency contacts, medical history, medical insurance, blood type and ID. Ideal for if you are travelling overseas.


iOS – £3.99

When you’ve got a food allergy or intolerance, then you will know precisely how tricky keeping track of what is in your plate can sometimes be. Whatever your dietary restrictions, this program can help you look after your health from the inside out, with advice for about 700 foods: recorded, rated and categorised based on such things as fibres that are debatable, sugar content and additives. So, whether you are dining out, catering for friends or food shopping, this might help you avoid any accidental side effects that are culinary.


iOS/Android – Free

It is said that anxiety is the killer, and in the hectic world of today, there are hundreds of things that could send our blood pressure daily rushing. Bearing this in mind, it is important to take out some time and calm your mind — that’s where this app is useful. Offering ‘quick and powerful stress relief in 5 minutes’, it offers breathing calm soundtracks and exercises to maintain your day tension-free and de-stressed.



iOS/Android – Free

Now obviously, in regards to life-saving, who would you trust more than the Red Cross itself to bring the source to you? With this app that is free, it has never been more easy to learn first aid from dealing with burns to helping someone in a emergency and choking. With interactive quizzes videos and advice, if you download nothing else on this page, make it this one!



iOS – £0.69

Don’t wind up getting hit by a bus whilst you are composing an download Mail ‘n Walk! This app lets you find out what is in your path when you are writing a message by using the camera of your iPhone. It does not work but it is still a way of avoiding broken noses or, more importantly, getting splattered by a double decker!


iOS/Android/Blackberry – Free

If you go jogging at night or walk home, this program could help to throw you a lifeline. This security alarm means you’ll never walk alone. You can establish a network of family members and friends and then, in the event you need help, just push on the big button and they will be sent details of where you are. You can your destination, and your emergency network will be advised if you don’t check in on time.