The Best Android launchers

Android is a operating system, powering a large proportion of phones out there. One of the keys to its success to the program is customisable quirky icons, with attributes — and new layouts. But to benefit from the very dramatic customisation options, you will want to set up a ‘launcher’ app — and now, I […]

Seed up your Android Device

Is the lag on Android Device currently driving you Crazy? Unfortunately, this lag can be very common, The great news is that there are a couple of tweaks make it snappier.   UPDATES For an operating system update you will be prompted by your own Android device from time to time. It might have new features […]

Rocket Lawyer

Rocket Lawyer was founded in 2008 by Charley Moore who was an experienced law attorney. Initial start-up equity came from Moore and LexisNexis. In contrast to Shake, Rocket Lawyer is based on legal rather than technological expertise. LexisNexis provides academic legal resources amongst its content-enabled global business activities; its stake in Rocket Lawyer suggests a […]

Shake Digital App

Shake is a Digital Application that affords users the opportunity to create and edit legally binding contracts from pre-existing templates. Shake has prospered in a highly competitive digital market by recognising the opportunity that exists in simplifying legal contracts. Shake makes the law accessible, affordable and understandable for everyone (Geiger A. 2013). Shake has recently […]