The Best Android launchers

Android is a operating system, powering a large proportion of phones out there. One of the keys to its success to the program is customisable quirky icons, with attributes — and new layouts.

But to benefit from the very dramatic customisation options, you will want to set up a ‘launcher’ app — and now, I will explain what these programs do, why you would need one and give my ideas on a few of the more popular ones!


To put it simply, a launcher called a ‘homescreen replacement’ — is the app list, in addition to a program that replaces the menus you interact with on the display of your phone. This may involve cosmetic changes, such as animations or icons — but can feature revolutionary changes, bringing new workflows designed to make your life easier. Android itself is different across a assortment of devices by different manufacturers, this is: the Android experience is created by Google and the Android Open Source Project, but this is themed or altered by manufacturers like HTC Samsung and Sony. What if you need five apps? Want something lightweight to accelerate your ? You will find launchers that appeal to all sorts of needs to download from the ‘Personalisation’ part of this Google Play Store let’s take a look at a number of the options that are more popular! Because of this, their mobiles are considered Android apparatus — but designs and the icons appear different. But the device maker or Google have created the launcher for you — and that is where the assortment of launchers comes in.

Keep in mind

Experimenting with launchers wont damage your phone — but you may wind up in a confusing muddle, and sometimes lose the homescreen designs you currently have. It is good practice to set up one of those homescreen replacements to avoid any conflicts. Additionally, after installing a launcher when pressing your home button, you will see the launcher selection screen. If you’re not certain about your new launcher and are only trying it out, it is ideal to select ‘Only once’ — and as soon as you’re ready for it to become the replacement until you uninstall it (or manually clear the default setting), then select the ‘Consistently’ alternative.



Free from Google Play

If you’re new to launchers and want to see want your Android phone would be like with no skin your maker put on it, this is the one for you. Nevertheless, however, it boasts virtually no choices — read on, so if you would like to make your phone more personal! The Google Now Launcher includes a very slick, lightweight design, with hardly any cluttering up your screen. You also have quick access to the electronic assistant Google Currently simply by swiping left from the homescreen. The launcher also promotes the use of the ‘Ok Google’ voice commands to help you get things done quicker. When the conversation turns to Android, you might have heard people talk about ‘pure’ Android and celebrate the Nexus assortment of devices, like the current 5X and 6P, for their uncluttered simplicity. This is mostly thanks to the Google Now Launcher which comes as the primary home screen on these phones.


Free / £3.99 Premium Version from Google Play


In a stark contrast to Google’s offering, Nova Launcher is possibly one of these most broadly customisable launchers around. Nova will permit you to set up icon packs to spice up the boring icons you find each day, customise colors for all elements of the user interface and tailor the animations and designs to fit your liking. In my experience, Nova asks plenty of tweaking and fiddling to get it just how you want it — but it is well worth the time you spend. Luckily, Nova also includes a facility to back up and restore your preferences and design — so as soon as you have things how you like them, you will always have the ability to revert back in case you change something and do not like the appearance of it! In addition, you can fork around £3.99 for the ‘Prime’ version, which adds even more features to the pot — such as custom swipe gestures along with the ability for apps to do various tasks if you tap or tap the




Free from Google Play

The app learns from your use habits and is intended to provide you with the information you want at the perfect time. Plugged on your headphones? Aviate brings widgets and music programs to center and front. When you need them contacts and all of your calendar events look from your program. You will be reminded to place your alarm. If you would like a nice, clean launcher that is still amazingly powerful, attempt Aviate. It’s a homescreen with icons shortcuts and big app icons — but as you use it more, a few features that are useful are unlocked by it. In general, Aviate is overall a very strong launcher for the super-productive kinds — but you do have to keep a whole lot of your life organised digitally for this to operate efficiently.


Free from Google Play

Probably among the latest customisation programs to hit the Play Store, Arrow is a launcher out of Microsoft — an odd move by a company that has its own entire competing operating system! Arrow supports many icon packs, but has quite limited customisation choices — although it is still being actively developed, so that may change over time. Arrow functions in a very similar way to Aviate, using a dynamic layout that is adjusted based on utilization. It will not serve up relevant content on demand, but it does have a few useful tricks in its ‘Recent’ and ‘Reminders’ tabs — boasting a feed of your current actions on the telephone as well a useful to-do list that could easily be edited without opening another program. There is also a toggles panel that slides up from the bottom of the display, which is a intuitive and intelligent location to maintain the customisation options — again reminiscent of a manufacturer.

If you’re particularly creative, you could even have a go at making your own themes! Launchers are fantastic for giving your phone the ideal amount of personality — but only you can decide whether it is worth the effort of installing one.